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About Us

Why come to ProMED clinic?

Network of 4 clinics with complete medical services


Choose our services and you will benefit from consulting, diagnosis, treatment by professional doctors, medical science doctors.


We use modern technologies for a wide range of investigations, diagnosis and treatment. Your health is our priority!


Convenient prices for consultations, investigations, surgery, treatments


Your health matters, that’s why we have formed a system for all your needs

Performance, confidence and professionalism!

With a history and a name already formed, ProMED C. M. S. Medical Center offers accessible medical services, reliable diagnostic technologies, precision examinations and complex treatments for adults and children. Today! 4 Clinics with complete medical services.

Our mission

We are a network of clinics constantlyconstantly developing and modernizing Our team is made up of doctors with rich experience and training, doctors in medical sciences We offer patients efficient, individually adapted solutions for any health problem through professionalism, safety and comfort.

Our vision

By using innovative technologies, we are helping patients to prevent, diagnose and treat any health problems efficiently and safely.


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