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15 years of excellence in Ophthalmology, over 10 years of competence in complete medical services…
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ProMed Clinics

Why should you come to ProMed Clinic?


Choose our services and you will benefit from consulting, diagnosis, treatment by professional doctors, medical science doctors.


We use modern technologies for a wide range of investigations, diagnosis and treatment. Your health is our priority!


Convenient prices for consultations, investigations, surgery, treatments.


Your health matters, that’s why we have formed a system for all your needs

PROMED Clinics



Ophthalmological consultations and investigations:
Cataracts, keratoconus, myopia treatment…
Optics, night lenses…


Aesthetic Medicine

Diagnosis of skin problems:
LASER surgery, radiosurgery, cryotherapy, cosmetology, massage …


ProMed Family

Specialized doctors: Gynecologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, otorinolaringologist, endocrinologist, urologist, dermatologist, laboratory investigations and functional explorations…


ProMed Kids

In the clinic ProMed Kids you can find the entire team of pediatric specialists, psychologist, medical analysis and treatments that save your time and provide safety…

About Us

For 15 years, the ProMED C.M.S. Medical Center offers reliable diagnostic technologies, precision examinations and complex treatments. Continuous development, specialized equipment, increased performance and professional excellence.

Today! 4 Clinics with complete medical services. Medical specialties for children and adults, laboratory analyses, investigations and medical explorations, new technologies, treatments and ambulatory surgery. 1 day Surgery.

Join the 97 % of satisfied patients!


Patients’ Opinion

Am ramas multumita de consultatia oftalmologului. Personal amabil si competent.
Anastasia Olari

Superbi profesionalisti in domeniul sau, am avut cu sotia un caz destul de complicat, dar medicul cu rabdare, am optat foarte mult pe ei, si datorita lor totul sa trecut cu bine. Recomand!
Dan Stoianov

Profesionalism, personal amabil, zimbitor, promt sa-ti acorde raspuns la orice intrebare.
Nata Vieru

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