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Consultations and examinations

We offer a variety of medical services, consultations, investigations and diagnosis, medical imagery and laboratory analysis, professional specialists, with contemporary visions and open to communication, they are the doctors you and your family need.

Discuss openly with a gynecologist or an urologist, without having the fear of going to gynecological control. Early diagnosis helps establish treatment and can save your life in some cases.

Investigations and examinations

*Consultation of gynecologist or urologist starting with 16 years – 1 time a year
*If there are medical reasons – more often
*Consultation of gynecologist or urologist lasts 20 – 30 min
*The visit to the gynecologist takes place in two steps: discussion and clinical examination.




The consultation implies

We offer various treatments, surgical manipulation in diagnosis and prevention of gynecological or urological diseases, family planning or pregnancy monitoring, consultations for all ages Routine gynecological and urological consultations for all ages, consultations for children.

Teenagers will learn the importance of prevention through visits to the doctor
  • the potential problems of the reproductive system
  • Sexual life
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Methods of contraception
  • About HPV (papilloma virus), virus and
  • Vaccination, as a risk, increases by 15% with each new sex partner
When you should go to the doctor
  • Persistent and abnormal problems
  • Pain or pressure inside abdominal cavity
  • Pain, inflammation
  • If you are planning a pregnancy
  • A complete evaluation of the reproductive system

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Woman’s Health

Services for woman’s health – from adolescence to menopause:

  • Gynecology of adolescence
  • Treatment for disorders of puberty
  • Family planning
  • Monitoring of pregnancy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sterility
  • Genital infections
  • Interruption of pregnancy by curettage
  • Cervical cerclage patology
  • Early detection of genital cancer
  • Cervical biopsy, treatments for uterine polyps, anatomical-pathological examination
  • Electrocauterization of the uterine cervix
  • Consultation of the gynecologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, mammalogist, rheumatologist
  • Treatments of intimate aesthetics
  • Contraception
  • Urinary incontinence – diagnosis and treatment
  • Normal and pathological menopause
  • Surgical treatment (mastitis, bartholinitis)
  • Laser surgery in gynecological diseases
  • Endocrinology with specialization in gynecology

To avoid any discomfort, take care of your health, choose a doctor and make an appointment at a gynecological consultation.
We offer a complex gynecological examinations and investigations, blood tests, interpretation tests interpretation of analyzes, indications for treatment.

Man’s Healh

Services for men’s health – from adolescence to maturity.
Regular visits to the doctor can diagnose diseases early before the symptoms appear. The health of the man in all stages of his life, through annual routine checks, screening tests and other methods of preventing urological disorders, offer safety and ensure harmony in the family.

  • Urology, sexology
  • Dermato-venerology
  • Male sexual dysfunctions
  • Functional urology
  • Prostate pathology
  • Male infertility
  • Prostatic brachytherapy
  • Dermatological diagnosis and treatment

Additional medical services for him and her

Dermatologist / venerologist
Venerological consultation, investigations– venerological diseases affect men in a large percentage. A specialization in diseases involves more effective interdisciplinary therapy.

Consult, investigations – varicose disease affects a large percentage of women and men. Treatments for women and men ensure a safe and effective therapy.

Endocrinological consultation, investigations – endocrine diseases women and men. Diseases that can afect during the life. Therapies for long periods and continuous monitoring.

Consultation, profile investigations – diseases, malformations, addressing early, prevents many complications.

Cardiological consultation, investigations– cardiovascular diseases affect men in a large percentage. A specialization on cardiovascular diseases involves more effective interdisciplinary therapy.

Rheumatological consultations, investigations – diseases affect women in a significant percentage. A specialization in rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases for women and men involves more effective interdisciplinary therapy.

Physiotherapist, Reflexotherapist
Effective treatments, recovery for men and women.


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